‘Why we Instituted GRC & Fincrime prevention awards’

TMC Company, an organisation that has been emphasising the businesses’ requirements to comply with regional and international regulations for the corporate governance, risk management, compliance and financial crime prevention has announced her maiden awards ceremony.

Governance Risk Compliance and Financial Crime Prevention Awards (GRC & FinCrime Awards) will honour exceptional contributions by businesses, institutions and professionals. It would also promote development, learning, and implementation of GRC & Anti-FinCrime Solutions in Nigeria, while rewarding businesses, institutions and professionals who have been exceptional in adding value to the GRC & FinCrime Prevention (Anti money Laundering and counter terrorism financing measures) space.

Speaking on the awards, which holds on Friday, December 10, 2021, in Lagos, the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Dr. Foluso Amusa PhD said: “Governance Risk Compliance & Financial Crime Prevention Awards was inspired by continuous effort of firms keeping abreast and up to date with evolving and changing regulatory landscape across the various services, products and industries. In countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom and the EU countries, firms are being recognised for distinguishing themselves as pacesetters across the Governance, Risk, Compliance and Financial Crime Prevention sectors yearly.

“It is therefore also important that the efforts of firms and professionals in these fields who are doing a lot of work by adhering to regulations and global standards should be recognised and rewarded in Nigeria at the first instance and Africa at large. I believe it’s the right thing to do; celebrating the long overdue brilliance, hard work and excellence of these organisations and professionals in these fields.

This is going to be a yearly event so that we can continue to encourage and reward best practises in the GRC & Financial Crime Prevention sector. Well-meaning Nigerians can visit our website to get more details about this prestigious awards.”

He further stated that GRC & Fincrime Prevention Awards would encourage and promote industry best practices and adherence to prevailing local and international regulations and standards.

“The awards will encourage and promote industry best practices and adherence. We would also acknowledge and reward the professionals and organizations currently flying the flag of excellence in these fields.”

On the award categories, Dr. Amusa said there would be six categories and the winners will be selected by a secured E-voting system survey /questionnaires and panel of Independent judges. We are also open to partnerships and sponsorships from corporate organizations.”

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