Things to know about the new iPhone 13

Apple is known for hitting the market regularly with new versions of its ios device. The latest of Apple’s innovations is the new iPhone 13.

This new version of the device comes with a lot of new features and also some upgrades to the previous iPhone 12 version. This latest version of the iPhone has topped the trends tables since it was released. In this article, we are going to be discussing some of the key features of the device, including a review of the new iPhone 13. Details of how this version compares to the others are going to be covered in this article.

Seven things to know about the new iPhone 13

New iPhone 13

Below we have highlighted five important features of the new iPhone model:

1. iPhone 13 has four models

The device, launched just a few weeks ago, came with four different models; iPhone 13, mini, 13 Pro, and iPhone 13Pro max. These models all come with unique features like screen size, camera, and storage.

The 13 and 13 mini both have similar flat designs to the previous version 12 version. On the other hand, the 13 pro and the 13 Pro Max have the same outlook and appearance.

13 and 13 mini have these colors; pink, blue, midnight, starlight, and product red. They also have a brighter display than the previous version. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro max are available in four colors; graphite, gold, silver, and sierra blue.

2. The new iPhone 13 Camera

The camera for all the new models is also improved. iPhone 13 and mini has a diagonal design with a camera with a large sensor in its dual-camera system.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, on the other hand, have three Cameras; a telephoto, a wide camera, and an ultra-wide camera. That is in addition to the 12 MP camera of the iPhone 13

These cameras all have night mode and a new video mode (cinematic mode) which has the potential to be used to shoot movies. The cameras are also protected with the iPhone 13 protective cases designed to have a larger camera bump.

This feature of the new iPhone 13 has convincingly outclassed the previous iPhone 12 version. The Camera and the brighter display of this new iPhone are not matched by any of its predecessors.

3. A15 Bionic Chip

These cases are made to protect the iPhone hardware with an innovative chip on the inside. The A15 Bionic chip has a power feature that is efficient for the iPhone cameras.

4. Battery life of the iPhone 13

The battery is much more improved than that of the previous iPhone 12. The iPhone 13 and mini batteries have about two and a half hours longer than the 12. The battery life is also the same for the 13 Pro Max. However, the iPhone 13 Pro has one and a half hours more battery than the previous iPhone 12 version.

5. iPhone 13 Storage

The storage of the new iPhone 13 and the mini now starts from; 128 gigabytes to 256 gigabytes and 512 gigabytes.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models are also similar to the base iPhone13 storage. However, the Pro and Pro Max could have storage of up to 1 terra byte.

6. iPhone 13 pricing

All four models of the iPhone 13 differ in price. The iPhone 13 is priced from $799, while the iPhone mini is priced from $699.

On the other hand, iPhone 13 Pro starts from $999 while the Pro Max is priced from $1 099.

7. 5G Experience

The iPhone 13 would not be worth the hype if it offered the new 5G network experience.

Now we have highlighted some of the important features of this latest version of the iPhone. Let do a brief review of the iPhone 13 as regards its setbacks.

The Pros users are said to be experiencing sudden switches in camera lenses without warning. They are also a case of the phone being unable to unlock with the Apple watch and unresponsive touch.

Although some of these issues require a fix, users have found these setbacks to the iPhone 13.

Is the new iPhone 13 worth it?

This latest version of the phone is an upgrade to the previous 12 versions. It is also accompanied by notable changes and features like the battery life, cameras, and video mode. These are some of the important changes that make it stand out from the iPhone 12.

So if you are willing to upgrade from 12 to the new iPhone 13, it might be worth it or not. But as you now know what you can get in the new version, the decision is all up to you.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Does the new iPhone have a charger?

Apple devices do not add a charger with new phones any longer. However, they sell a USB adapter for around $49 for users that need a fast charge option for their iPhone 13

Can you charge your iPhone 13 with an older charger?

iPhone 13 does not come with a charger, but it comes with a USB cable. So you will need to be an adapter as the old version might not fit.

Are iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 the same in size?

version 12 and all the four models of the new 13 are similar in size. Versions 12 and 13 can share the same case. But the Pros do not share the same case as 12 and 13 because of their larger camera lenses.

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