NACAMA tasks schools on imparting first aid knowledge to students

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The National Complementary and Alternative Medical Association (NACAMA), an NGO, has tasked schools to impart adequate first aid knowledge to students.

The National President of NACAMA, Prof. Peter Katchy, made the call while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in commemoration of the the World First Aid Day, on Sunday in Enugu.

NAN reports that World First Aid Day is being celebrated on every second Saturday of September.

The Day is celebrated to encourage first aid training for all and create awareness about the importance of first aid required during health and accident emergencies.

The theme for this year is: “Be a First Aid Hero at School and in Your Community.”

Katchy urged ministries of health and education at federal and state levels to ensure that first aid knowledge was made part of the curriculum to provide critical help during health emergencies.

He said that first aid should be an integral part of a wider development approach of the country to reduce the nation’s health burden.

According to him, good first aid practice is a great preventive medical approach meant to save the country huge financial resources in the long run.

He said, “First aid is the immediate assistance given to anyone who suffers from minor or serious illness or injury. The care is provided to preserve life, prevents condition from worsening and promote recovery.”

First aid, he said, might be necessary in serious cases to keep the victim alive before a doctor or para-medic arrives to apply the more specialised treatment.

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