At GetFitNg, philanthropy remains part of our business, says CEO Adekemi Oladipo

Though GetFitNg Technologies Limited is generally known for dealing in the business of waist trimming and the product of the company is widely accepted, GetFitNg has also been doing wonderful work in its corporate social responsibility to society with its vast humanitarian works touching many lives.

According to the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer, Adekemi Oladipo, GetFitNg is very much in touch with the populace and is more than ready to identify with Nigerians irrespective of social status, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

According to Oladipo, while GetFitNg seeks to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle through its quality and comfortable range of body shaping, wearable waist trimmers, the company is mindful of the wellbeing of Nigerians.

Founded in 2018, with its headquarters in Abuja, GetfitNg Technologies Ltd is the leading supplier of top-of-the-line fitness wearables in Sub-Sahara Africa. As one of the fastest growing indigenous start-ups in Nigeria, the company has been able to let its humanitarian activities felt among Nigerians by increasing its CSR community services.

Oladipo said: “We recently gave the Nigeria Police a stand to provide shelter so that the police on duty on our roads would be well covered from intense sun and rain.

“This stand was constructed super strong to prevent accidents from T junctions. I could remember there was a time a driver ran into one of the stands we donated to the Police recently. As God would have it, our gallant security officers all came out without a scratch. This showed how strong the stand was well built.”

She said GetFitNg believes strongly in the Nigeria Project and the need to empower Nigerians for the greater good.

Recently, the company was at the School of the Blind at Government Secondary School, Kwali, in Abuja to identify with the students and for them to have a sense of belonging that they are not forgotten or abandoned by society.

The CEO of Getfitng said a scholarship package has been put in place for all students of the school for the 2020/2021 academic session.

“We also gave scholarships to 32 less privileged students at GSS, Kwali, in Abuja. We have visited a good number of orphanage homes in Abuja where we gave them generous gifts and donations. In some schools we have visited, we donated materials such as dictionaries, math sets and books to secondary schools in Abuja,” added Oladipo.

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